Honest Science Meets Nature


Simply Solutions LLC is a non-traditional health and wellness company.  We combine unique, simple, organic and all-natural ingredients to create products that provide superior therapeutic results.  Simply Solutions is where honest science meets nature, and all of our products are “Simply Better”.




Our Solutions

     Premium Personal Lubricant                                   Premium Herbal Tinctures                                Premium Lip Lubricant

A proprietary blend of natural oils and                     Triple hand-pressed and steeped for                     Four natural oils that penetrate

  purified water so there is no need to                         up to 30 days to maximize active                          all layers of skin.  Only one 

   re-apply.  Safe with any condom.                           ingredients.  All organic ingredients.                       daily application is needed.  

          FDA 510(K) clearance.                                 No alcohol or oils used in processing.                        Slender, convenient shape. 



                                               Training Smoke &                                                         Professional Grade

                                         Theatrical Fog Generator                                    Theatrical Fog/Training Smoke Fluid

                             Bluetooth controlled.  Can be programmed for        Unique, organic formula produces NO noxious

                                 continuous operation. No fluid pump                        fumes or gasses.  33% more fog/smoke

                                  means no breakdowns – guaranteed.                                   per gallon vs. competition.